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Zooming into classes

Jojo working on DancingStrong Zoom and Skype rehearsals and classes

We have been enjoying developing ways to dance together over the internet.

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Whipers- Helen Kidred

Helen Kindred work Whispers. Her area of exploration was focused on thoughts on how she could better know her practice of Bartenieff Fundamentals and improvisation. She explains how "I thought I'd develop my understanding of both areas, the relationship between them, be able to argue a case for rigor and structure underpinning improvised dance practice. I have done this, but this journey has been so so much more than this, more than I could ever have imagined.Tonight I present the three improvised performance works that have grown through my research, dancing the in-between-ness with the dear artists, friends, collaborators that have been with me on this journey, holding and sharing space for me to breathe, to process, to be, to live and to love with truth, generosity and honesty."

Phase Two: Choreographing the City Adesola Akinleye fellowship with Theatrum Mundi

Choreographing the City Akinleye Research Fellowship: phase two
Dr. Adesola Akinleye (DSML Director) and Theatrum Mundi have been working together through the project called Choreographing the City: as/at the city limits. In 2019 Adesola completed the first phase of Research Fellowship with Theatre Mundi. 2020 see the beginning of Phase Two. Theatrum Mundi helps to expand the crafts of city-making through collaboration between artists and urbanists. 
About the project: Due to rapid current pressures such as globalisation, climate change, and urbanisation, there are ongoing growing pressures on our current infrastructures in cities. Therefore, we need radical approaches to engineering that challenge our assumptions of what can be can potentially provide us with some answers. Choreography and engineering design are both creative processes that are taught formally, developed through practice and experience, have known outputs, physical and economic constraints and desired …

Concrete and Ink

Adesola Will be speaking/dancing as part of Concrete and Ink. She will be playing with notions of time and body, environment...
13 February 2020 – 15 February 2020 Place Whitechapel Gallery City London Project Enactments
Format Panel Discussion, Screening With Marta MichalowskaJustinien TribillonJasmina CibicAlison IrvineChristopher Ian SmithKate HardingEmmanuelle Chiappone-PiriouGwenaëlle d'AbovilleNina LegerOcéane RagoucyJodie AzharCrystal BennesCorina AngheloiuMeneesha KellayJulian BagginiSophie Mackintosh

2009- 2019: DancingStrong now established as a registered CIC - DancingStrong Movement Lab CIC

DancingStrong has just completed its 10th year. Today also marks the celebration of our recent success in achieving a new status for our company. The company is now a registered CIC (Community Interest Company)  and will now officially be called- DancingStrong Movement Lab CIC (previously named - DancingStrong)

Co- Directors: Adesola Akinleye (left) and Helen Kindred (right)

How do we practice together? Reflection "On Attention" by Adesola Akinleye

Adesola recently wrote a blog post responding to a 2-day workshop On Attention

Ten philosophers and ten dancers walk into a room in London… Curated by Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca and Heni Hale, on November 29th and 30th 2019, we came together at ID to share a series of workshops and discussions that focused around the notion of attention: ‘On Attention: A Performance Philosophy Workshop. The event resonated with and addressed how we pay attention to each other – how do we share practices and across practices? How do interdisciplinary approaches make spaces for the multiple threads that different practices offer an idea? For me, this exploration of building frameworks for how ‘we’ come together, (how we pay attention to each other meaningfully) is important work. On a macro, global level, it reflects the 21st century’s call to understand and find equality in the process of coming together that is globalisation. On a micro, practice level, it is part of the problem-solving process for how…

Performance at The Place 29th Jan 2020 7pm

DancingStrong Movement Lab members Helen Kindred and Maga Judd are performing a work at Resolutions 2020.