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Children's workshop on learning spaces at Siobhan Davies Dance

Running in parallel to the discussion will be a movement-based discussion workshop for children aged 7 - 11.  Led by Adesola Akinleye the children will use choreography to explore the same themes, looking at their ideal learning spaces

Architecture and the Responsive Body in Children's Education
Panel Discussion with Siobhan Davies, Neil Pinder and Sarah Wigglesworth

Join us in our RIBA award-winning studios for a discussion considering the impact that education spaces have on learning, the body and movement How is the privatisation of school spaces impacting on young people’s learning and creatives responses?
How does the lack of outdoor space and the pressure on indoor space in schools impact on development and learning?
How does an architect include the perspective of a dance artist and choreographer to create an educational space that stimulates creative responses?
These are some of the questions we will be covering in this discussion led by architect Sarah Wigglesworth, educationali…

Up-coming Spring events - quick overview

May 16thMiddlesex University 3rdyear performance- Arts Depot
May 17th  Beyond Buildings: performance and architecture- Royal Academy of Art
June 15th  Learning EnvironmentsWhitechapel Art Gallery
July 5th  Africa Writes: our bodies speak poetry-The British Library

More detail: May 16thMiddlesex University 3rdyear performance- Arts Depot University graduating Dance students return for their final performance of the year. The programme includes repertory by Ross McKim re-staged by Sian Hopkins, plus new works created by Adesola Akinleye, Christopher Tudor and clearly Dias Dos Santos. 

May 17th  Beyond Buildings: performance and architecture- Royal Academy of Art  https://www.royalaca…

Performance and Architecture: May 17th 6:30pm

Royal Academy of Art: Join us for a panel discussion looking at the performative side of architecture – learn more about how an active arts practice can develop and drive spatial ideas.

Adesola will be exploring her on-going work on how to share ideas about embodiment without just talking about it.. "I'll have a side of choreography with that, please"!